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My interest in photography began years ago as a small spark, but has since blossomed into an unstoppable passion. As a true Southern Alberta daughter, the beauty of Lethbridge and area became the backdrop for my hobby, as I began exploring the world through my photographers lens. Believing my craft only improves with practice, I have honed my skills through workshops and courses, striving to fine tune and expand my own personal and unique vision. My work covers a broad range of subject matter as I find inspiration in all types of settings, searching for those images that express the different parts of me.

As a member of the Lethbridge Photography Club since 2005, I have been privileged to be a part of a number of projects including the Lethbridge Living Magazine “One Week Lethbridge” Project, City of Lethbridge “Centennial” Exhibit, The “Ansel Adams Project” Exhibit, Galt Museum “Moods of the Bridge” Exhibit, Alberta Birds of Prey Exhibit, the annual PhotoFusion shows and my solo debut exhibit “Abstractions”.

It is a big world filled with beauty, life, creativity and passion and I look forward to what new inspirations will present themselves. There is so much more to learn and explore and I hope to capture these experiences and share them with others so that you too can appreciate the world through my lens.

For more information about my photography or should you wish to access a locked gallery, please contact me at

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